Terms Of Service


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When ordering a commission, everyone is required to follow the guidelines below. Failure to do so will result in the commission being cancelled and/or a warning put out to potential venders. Please note that any statements below is bound to change if discussed by me, the artist, prior to the commission. By reading and agreeing with the Terms of Service, you are acknowledging the terms for your commission. These will be referred to in the case of a dispute.

All commissions by the Artist (Maeskye Trigg) are done under contract with a 50%-50% payment structure, where the Client pays half of the commission upfront via PayPal while the other half is paid upon completion. The Artist (Maeskye Trigg) retains all copyright, reproduction and exhibition rights to all work conceptualised, designed, and produced.

Commission prices are determined by a Time + Materials + Shipping formulae. The Artist (Maeskye Trigg) charges $23AUD per hour spent on the Client’s commission.

An approximation of Prices:

Commission TypeFee
1x Head Portrait$76AUD + Shipping
1x Half Body (waist up) Portrait$100AUD + Shipping
1x Full Body$147AUD + Shipping
1x Character Sheet$218AUD + Shipping
1x Landscape$241AUD + Shipping
*Above fees are an approximation only and are subject to change based on complexity and time it takes to complete commission*

List of Commissions I Do & Don’t do

PortraitsHateful Art
Tattoo DesignsImitate Another Artist’s Art
Fanart, Logos etc.
*If you do not see the type of commission you are after listed, please enquire via email or the Commission Order Form. I, Maeskye Trigg, am always open to new ideas and challenges so long as they are respectful of others.

The Artist (Maeskye Trigg) will only commence work on the Client’s commission if the following have been satisfied:

  • Commission Contract Agreement has been formulated and signed upon by both Artist and Client.
  • Client has shared a written and detailed brief of the commission with the Artist, via the Commission Order Form. Including deadline(s), size(s), quantity, medium(s) and any reference material the Client wishes the Artist to draw from.
    • Reference images may be shared with Artist via the Commission Order Form and must be of a clear resolution.
    • Alternatively, a private Pinterest Board will be shared with the Client for the Client to share reference material with Artist.
  • Agreement upon a regular approval process for design decisions and updates that best suits both Client and Artist.
  • 50% of quoted total of commission has been paid to the Artist (Maeskye Trigg) to the specified PayPal account.

**It is important to note that the Client will not receive their final piece without a watermark, until full payment has been made.**