Odyssey – 2019

Odyssey, a work in progress for RMIT Masters, inspired by other videogames such as, ‘Lost and Hound’ by Brian Fairbanks, ‘MYST’ by Rand and Robyn Miller and ‘Dear Esther’ by Dan Pinchbeck and Robert Briscoe. Odyssey, is an exploration adventure puzzle game that looks into accessible game design. The intention is to produce an enjoyable game scape that is welcoming to all players, regardless of vision level.

Odyssey Prototype 1

Testing of binaural audio for locating objectives and items of interest.

Odyssey Prototype 2

Showcased at RMIT’s 2019 Masters of Animation, Games and Interactivity Exhibition. Testing of binaural audio for locating objectives, cognitive mapping locations and user interfaces.

Thank you to Israel Carter, who is our Sound Designer. https://israelcarter.com.au/home-2

Concept Art