Hey there!

Glad to see that your having a look around, my name is Maeskye, welcome.

Though not much is up here yet, that will soon change as I get used to using WordPress and create more awesome content for you.

On this site you will soon find galleries of my own artwork both digital and traditional, perhaps some ramblings on what I’ll be working on, maybe even some creative writing. Who knows?

In addition, please see below links to my DeviantArt, RedBubble and Tsumea galleries to see some of my other works:

Maeskye’s RedBubble

Maeskye’s DeviantArt

Maeskye’s Tsumea

In case you haven’t realised, I adore being in a creative mindset, some people call it “off with the fairies” or that I’v got my “head in the clouds” but thats okay, thats when I feel most at ease and get the better ideas on how to express myself. I’m constantly drawing, if you flick through my note book you might find scribbles in the margins where I’ve been lost in thought drawing new ideas for artwork and designs, not to mention all the sketch books. Haha.

Well, enjoy and I welcome any critical feedback that you may have 🙂

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